We are a group of radical feminists* doing stuff in Berlin.

* Not the fun kind.

Dancing Goddesses by Nina Paley.

Dancing Goddesses by Nina Paley, which figured in her work You Gotta Believe. Courtesy of the artist. Visit her blog.

We are a grassroots, consensus-based radical feminist group in Berlin. 

We are a committed group, existing within a bigger and very fluid network of local and global feminists. We create real-life places for women to meet each other and see eye-to-eye. We want women to realize what being among women means from first-hand experience. We contribute to the growing radical feminist community in Berlin and help women who are searching for a radical feminist home. 

We work non-hierarchically and oppose domination in all forms. We agree with the feminist analysis that male domination is the root of all domination historically and currently: over people, animals, and nature in general. Following that analysis, we oppose all forms of hierarchy and hold to our own organizing principles – our own understanding of politics – principles that even today can be found in matriarchal societies. 

We support and encourage the growth of women’s communities. We aim to strengthen a feminist understanding by developing and sharing knowledge with women. We challenge ourselves and others to think critically about our current environment(s) and to imagine a post-patriarchal world.